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The Invitation

Times Of Refreshing Christian Center New York


“Brother To Bride.”

This Resurrection Sunday,

we invite you and your family

to join us for a transformational experience

and fresh perspective on the

greatest love story ever told.

Our team has created this original story

and production to showcase

how Christ’s death and resurrection

transform us from believers

into His Bride.


Each year, the Holy Spirit highlights different facets that need to be emphasized and shared prophetically so that we can apply Jesus’ victory over death to our present everyday lives. This year, we are excited to explore the significance of “Brother To Bride.” We will examine the lives of those who say they are followers of Jesus and how they respond when confronted with the revelation of their darkest secrets. All of us have our ideas of how a relationship with God should operate, and each character is faced with the choice: will they choose to become a bride or remain as a brother? Only the bride receives the fullness of the finished work of the Cross and the blood of Jesus. Only the bride has her name changed.

The challenge remains for us to also step into the bride’s apparel and be clothed with His glory. The bride represents all those who have chosen the better thing – to accept the covenantal work between Father and Son on our behalf without attempting to offer our own works. The brother represents those who prefer to remain outside the veil of intimacy and try to earn what has been freely given to us all. Only those who respond to the invitation to true, pure intimacy will know the exceedingly great plans and life that Jesus’ death and resurrection secured for us. The battle is between our ability to comprehend and our heart’s capacity to trust what Jesus accomplished when he said completely, “It is finished.” Can we let go? Will we see it fulfilled? Do we have what it takes to last to the end? In these uncertain times, when everything is in question, now more than ever, we must confront what stops us from moving forward into complete resurrection life.

Creative Team

Meet the team behind the not just the creation but the message. 

Dr. Robyn Kassas

Executive Producer

Nathan kassas

Associate Producer/ Director

Virginia Pike

Associate Producer

Amanda Asquith

Associate Producer

Jonathan Paredes

Creative & Production Director


Brandon Hill

Jacquelle Diamond

Stephen Abboud

Stephen Bates

Tim Byrnes

Ps. Peter Ford

Virginia Pike

Sandy Ford

Vanessa Nandram


Alex Rivera

Justin Kelly

Keren Kassas

Samantha Ford

Anders Mikkelssen

FBI Agent

Ife Samms

Mama G.

Ashley Paredes

Yolanda Bull

Nathan Kassas

The Mediator

Brother To Bride...What Will You Decide?

The Details

Whether you are joining us in person or online, we have put together a powerful creative production that will bless you and bring the power of the Resurrection alive in your life like never before. 



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Location: 209 W 40th St – GROUND FL.
New York, NY – 10018

Times Of Refreshing Christian Center New York is conveniently located near most major Subway lines at the Times Square – 42nd Street station and 42nd Street – Bryant Park station.

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Brother To Bride...
What Will You Decide?